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Advanced composites

Our high performance composites are widely used in commercial aerospace applications by leading aerospace OEM’s and subcontractors. These applications include primary and secondary structures, interiors, engines and nacelles.  Our composites and resin systems set the industry standard for impact resistance, stiffness and thermal performance. Processing options are available that increase design freedom and reduce costs. All of our products are supported by outstanding technical service.

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With a focus on high performance materials able to meet stringent Flamability, Smoke and Toxicity (FST) requirements, we are able to meet those requirements while providing our customers with the flexibility required to produce cost-effective interior structures. Manufacturability and customer experience remain at the forefront for interior structures. We offer a variety of materials including phenolic and low FST epoxies to meet the needs and varied processing requirements of the interiors industry.

Secondary structures

Composite materials have long been widely used in secondary structural applications. With a wide portfolio of materials specifically designed and used in these applications, we are able to supply a full range of materials required in the production of aircraft secondary structures.

Primary structure

Composite materials used in primary structural applications continue to raise the bar on performance. The use of composite materials is allowing aircraft manufacturers to increase aircraft performance and efficiency, improve passenger comfort and airframe longevity while also reducing maintenance costs.

We supply a wide range of proven primary structural materials which allows our customers to manufacture the high performance their customers demand. While supplying materials in a variety of formats for standard and automated processing, we also work closely with our customers to tailor a material solution to meet customer-driven design requirements.


The use of composite materials in engine applications continues to rapidly increase. While initially used in peripheral engine structures, engine manufacturers are now turning to composites for use in engine blades, containment structures and high heat applications. Argosy supplies a wide range of materials for use in engine applications utilizing various production technologies including prepreg, resin transfer molding (RTM) and out-of-autoclave (OOA) systems.