Company Mission

Create value by increasing our customer’s productivity through high-performance products, distribution and technical support services across the entire supply chain that meet customer and regulatory requirements worldwide – on time, every time and fulfill our commitment to continually improve our quality management system.

At Argosy, “delivering performance” means much more than supplying outstanding products and services: it means working with customers in full partnership to facilitate virtually every aspect of their business.

This includes a complete technical review of customer requirements to ensure they get the products and services they want and need.



  • Service that exceeds customer expectations/on-time delivery & high quality
  • Environmental, safety, and social consciousness in all operations
  • Complete integrity in all activities
  • Motivated, capable employees
  • Continuous improvement in all aspects of our operations
  • Technical excellence in products, processes and solutions
  • Adherence to a Code of Ethics encompassing Integrity, Trust, and Respect
  • Operate within a Global Core Competency Model to ensure consistency and global alignment
  • Six Core Competencies: Business Knowledge, Collaboration, Communication, Flexibility, Problem Solving, Results Focus


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