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Crash Test Barriers

Argosy is now placing focus on the automotive market through the development and manufacture of crash test barriers for motor vehicle passive safety regulations. Argosy’s 20 years of experience in the design, production, and support of aluminum honeycomb cores and associated applications have advanced the development of our crash test barriers. Argosy is also currently providing aluminum energy absorbers for ATD’s neck certification tests, Flex-Pli dynamic inverse tests, and sled tests.

Argosy is a global company whose strategy is to harness the best of today’s technologies for the creation of high-quality products, which play an important role in improving passive safety and protection of people and their environment.

Argosy has obtained and delivered passive safety regulations for consumer crash tests worldwide, including being listed as an approved EURO NCAP Supplier for the Mobile Offset Progressive Deformable barrier. In addition, Argosy has collaborated with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) to redevelop the Side Impact Barrier in order to better replicate the characteristics of vehicle-to-vehicle crash.

CT-Sim is a provider of engineering services and simulation technologies in the field of crash tests. Founded in 2010 and with over 20 years experience developing business in the field of vehicle safety, CT-Sim provides unique know-how and expertise for passive safety industry-oriented application and developments.

Argosy’s close partnership with CT-Sim offers combined expertise, experience and knowledge from both companies providing several benefits to the industry. These benefits include a stronger platform (hardware & software) for the products and services based on extensive knowledge of aluminum honeycomb as well as energy absorbers (Crash Test Barriers). This partnership will allow utilization of the best resources from each company to create valuable synergies for our customers, worldwide, in connection with innovative products, services and simulations.

Argosy provides sales, support and services in all regions of the world with local representatives to ensure close contact with its customers.


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