Honeycomb Core: Aluminum and Aramid Paper

Argosy‘s AXAC Joint Venture differs from its competitors in four important ways:

  • Focuses only on the production of aluminum honeycomb core, not honeycomb panels.
  • Manufactures both commercial grade aluminum honeycomb core to world-class quality standards as well as 5052 Aerospace-grade aluminum honeycomb core.
  • Customizes aluminum honeycomb core to meet customer’s precise specifications and format, including custom blocks sizes with both Chrome and non-Chrome treatment, unexpanded slices and expanded sheets, perforated or non-perforated, drilled core and custom kits.
  • Offers a complete service package including adhesives, aluminum sheets, storage and logistics.

AXAC manufactures aluminum honeycomb core in a state-of-the-art facility as part of a joint venture with Xi’an Aircraft. The highly automated plant is AS9100C/ISO9001:2008 and US Coast Guard certified.

Argosy‘s ACAM subsidiary provides aluminum and aramid paper honeycomb core products and services:

Argosy Composite Advanced Materials LLC (ACAM), located in Huntsville Alabama USA, features a carefully designed cutting room (vertical band saws), industrial dust collection system, and a staging area for material. Inventory locations are dedicated for standard stock material (HOBE commercial grade 3000 and 5052 series) and customer specific stock material. To constantly monitor quality of product and produce expanded core product, an expander table has been installed. The configuration of the new space allows for future growth such as additional saws and room for inventory. Initially, the cutting room will be dedicated to serve panel manufacturers involved in the aerospace clean room, mass transport, marine, and building industries.

ACAM allows Argosy to provide value-added honeycomb core cut to each customer’s unique and exacting specifications. Argosy’s unique approach to the honeycomb business is focused solely on providing core. This facility greatly expands Argosy’s capabilities and helps our customers enhance their manufacturing processes and increase their efficiency with proven and reliable honeycomb core solutions.

The facility provides US panel manufacturers with a local manufacturer and distributor of honeycomb core products. Argosy also provides a dedicated Customer Service team and value added services such as Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) storage solutions, consignment opportunities, slotted core, and cutting and kitting services.


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