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5000 Series Aluminum Honeycomb

Lightweight honeycomb core that has a regular hexahedron structure

ARGOSY 5000 Series Aluminum Honeycomb is a lightweight honeycomb core that has a regular hexahedron structure; high-quality aluminum foil is selected for phosphorous anodization or chromizing. Features include:

  • Low density
  • High strength
  • Rigidity
  • Shock resistance
  • Sound shock absorption
  • Acoustic absorption
  • Thermal insulation

The product displays excellent dynamic performance and corrosion resistance. Manufactured to AMS-C-7438 Standards.

5000 Series Aluminum Honeycomb

Typical Applications

ARGOSY 5000 Series Aluminum Honeycomb is widely used
in aerospace components including:

  • Radome
  • Wing
  • Tailcone
  • Floor Applications


  • Excellent energy absorption qualities
  • Corrosion and fungus resistant
  • Tailcone
  • Low cost/high value

Technical Data

wdt_IDnewcolumnProduct Features
1Density (g/cm³)1.4 pcf - 9 pcf (22.4 kg/m³ - 144 kg/m³)
2Aluminum Foil Thickness0.018 mm - 0.07 mm
3Cell Specifications1/8" - 3/8" (3 mm - 5 mm)
4Side Length of Cell1.8 mm - 5.5 mm
5Thickness of Honeycomb Core Slices0.12" - 35" (3 mm - 900 mm) tolerance +/- 0.1 mm
6Length W and Width L48" x 96" standard size, expanded honeycomb
wdt_IDBC-5.01-3-N-5052 (48L x 90W)Series 5000 Mark of Specifications
1BCB - Block; S- Slice; E - Expanded; C - Coated with Chromate; UC - Uncoated; NC - Non-Chrome Coated; PPA - Phosphate Anodization Treatment
25.01Honeycomb Density, United lb/foot³
33Cell Size, Side Length of Cell, Unit: mm
4NN - Non-perforated, P - Perforated
55052Aluminum Foil 5052
6(48L X 96W)48L - Length, Unit: inch; 96W - Width, Unit: inch

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