In addition, distributing the highest quality products for AkzoNobel, Argosy also manufactures an array of products such as honeycomb, custom blended/colored coatings and pipeline repair materials.


Founded in 2004, Argosy (Shanghai) Aerospace Material Ltd. (ASAM) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Argosy International in China. As the authorized distributor of AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings in mainland China, ASAM is capable of supplying Chinese aircraft manufacturers and airlines with coatings that are in full compliance with aerospace standards. The company operates an intelligent color blending system that can custom blend topcoat colors to meet our customer’s precise specifications. The company’s inventory management and production lines are able to meet AOG requirements. In addition, the company’s low-temperature freezer storage ensures the supply of temperature-sensitive, aerospace-grade composite materials in a timely manner.


Argosy XAC Composite Materials Ltd. (AXAC) is a joint venture by Xi’an Aircraft Industry (Group) Company Ltd. and Argosy International Inc. that researches and manufactures aerospace-grade and commercial-grade aluminum honeycomb cores. The company’s world-class honeycomb core production line, imported from the US, incorporates technology developed for the aircraft manufacturing industry in its design and has been further enhanced by our expert engineering group with more than 30 years of experience in honeycomb core manufacturing and research to achieve industry-leading product quality. The majority of the company’s products are exported to such countries as US, Australia, Italy, South Korea, UK, Japan, Austria, France and the Netherlands. In addition to aerospace manufacturing, the products are also widely used in construction, shipbuilding, wind power and mass transport industries.


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