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NHTSA FMVSS-214 Side Impact Barrier

Movable Deformable Barrier FMVSS-214 & FMVSS 301

Based on Aluminum Honeycomb technology, the NHTSA FMVSS-214 impact barrier (crash test barrier) is used by car manufacturers and test laboratories worldwide for the assessment of motor vehicle passenger protection in side and rear impact collisions according to the American NCAP protocol. The side-impact test consists in a 1,368 kg trolley impact on the driver’s side of the test vehicle. The trolley is equipped with NHTSA FMVSS-214 deformable barrier, which simulates the front of the impacting vehicle.

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NHTSA FMVSS-214 Side Impact Barrier


The NHTSA FMVSS-214 barrier is certified for USA-NCAP tests and is manufactured in accordance with the NHTSA Lab Test Procedure for Dynamic Side Impact Protection: TP214D Appendix C.

  • NHTSA TP214-D
  • NHTSA 49CFR571.214

Technical Properties

The total quantity of kinetic energy to be absorbed by the NHTSA FMVSS-214 barrier is between 124 and 139 kJ. The barrier dimensions are:

  • Width = 1676 +/- 6 mm
  • Height = 559 +/- 6 mm
  • Depth at Bumper Height = 483 +/- 6 mm
  • Depth at upper impact face = 381 +/- 6 mm

Backing Sheet

  • Aluminum 5052 H4

Bumper Facing Sheet

  • Aluminum 2024 T3

Cladding Sheet

  • Aluminum 5052 H4

Impact Figure

Technical Specification

The AXAC NHTSA FMVSS-214 side impact deformable barrier are
manufactured according to NHTSA-TP214-D & NHTSA 49CFR571.214

A complete testing procedure for certification of aluminum honeycomb is performed in-house according to the NHTSA Lab Test Procedure for Dynamic Side Impact Protection: TP214D Appendix C. The side impact barrier materials having crush strength of 45 PSI +/- 2.5 PSI for the main block and 245 PSI +/- 15 PSI for the bumper block.


AXAC has an approved IS09001 Quality Management System, which demonstrates commitment to supplying customers with the highest quality products and services.


  • Certificate of Conformity provided with the AXAC Offset Deformable Barrier
  • Individual cardboard crate
  • Anti-reflective paint as standard
    • Blue anti-reflective paint as standard for Europe & Asia
    • Light grey anti-reflective paint standard for North America
    • Customized painting available

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