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ATD Aluminum Honeycomb Energy Absorber

Neck Certification

ATD’s or crash test dummies are used worldwide for the evaluation of automotive safety restraint systems in crash testing. The dummies are regulated test devices per the Hybrid Ill in the USA Code of Federal Regulations (Part 572, Subpart E) and also per the European ECE Regulations. Considered to have excellent bio fidelity and instrumentation capability, the ATD or crash test dummy can also be used in many non-automotive applications such as wheelchairs, medical and sport equipment.

To ensure certified performance, ATD’s certification requires neck extension/flexion tests. Aluminum Honeycomb energy absorbers are used to create the pulse for neck flexion extension tests.

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ATD Aluminum Honeycomb Energy Absorber

Technical Description

Individual energy absorber Aluminum honeycomb:

  • Alloy 3003 series
  • Perforated material
  • Rc 0.30 Mpa +/-10%
  • Density 28.8 kg/m3

Standard Dimension: W 1250 x L 1250 mm
Two Thicknesses as requested for testing:

  • T1 = 152.4 mm (6 Inches)
  • T2 = 76.2 mm (3 Inches)

Cell size is 19 mm (3/4 Inch)

The ATD energy absorbers are supplied as slices, strips or pre-cut dimension according to customer needs. Materials also available upon request with under expanded cell size to approximately 11/16″ in order to better fit 4-Pin supports.

Quality Assurance

Each block of honeycomb is tested and internally certified to ensure consistent and repeatable ATD Neck Certification testing results. Aluminum Honeycomb products are designed and manufactured according to the ISO 9001 standard.



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