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ARGOSY Offset Deformable Barrier - Frontal Impact
New York, USA, August 23, 2018 – ARGOSY is pleased to announce it is now one of the suppliers to IIHS for the Offset Deformable Barrier (ODB) developed under EEVC-WG11 for overlap tests. IIHS will accept verification tests from car makers using ARGOSY Offset Deformable Barriers.

The ODB Barrier face is the first barrier developed by ARGOSY and released in 2017. Static tests performed in-house and dynamic certifications with car makers & certified laboratories have been used to develop the final ODB Barrier face, which is manufactured according to UN-ECE-R94 – European directive 96/79/EC, NHTSA TP-208-13 and fulfill the test procedure given in NHTSA TP-214D.

The ARGOSY ODB Barrier face is currently available. Please contact Argosy for lead-time and price information. Individual Certificate of Conformity is provided with all barriers.

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