Argosy partners with Formosa Plastics in supplying specifically designed carbon fibers for composite cylinder manufacturers

Argosy International Inc., a global supplier of specialty materials and services that solve challenging technical and business problems, will partner with Formosa Plastics to expand Formosa’s Advanced Materials Composites business into North America.

Video Provided by Formosa Plastics Corp

Formosa provides extensive experience as a top-tier plastics and Carbon Fiber supplier with a strong performance, quality, and service reputation. Argosy will bolster Formosa’s advantage with its knowledge of the global composites industry, customers, and suppliers and 35 years of experience in the qualification and sales of high-technology specialty materials.

Both partners strongly emphasize digitalization and AI, which should prove invaluable for the future of the Advanced materials and composites business. 

Argosy and Formosa are both focused on using carbon fibers to facilitate the global transformation to sustainable energy solutions and will concentrate our collaboration in utilizing carbon fiber in the rapidly developing alternative fuel industry. Formosa is also developing green energy solutions in their carbon fiber manufacturing process which aligns and supports Argosy values and commitment to a greener world.

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