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‘Nagoya’s Potential Revealed’ Interviews Akihiro Oda, AJAM’s President & CEO

‘Nagoya’s Potential Revealed’ recently interviewed Akihiro Oda, President & CEO of Argosy Japan Aerospace Materials. ‘Nagoya’s Potential Revealed’ highlights Nagoya’s companies and employees in order to support business advancement in Nagoya. 

Hiro with Argosy Signage

Q: Please tell us about your company's business.

We are a trading company established in 1988 and headquartered in the United States. We mainly manufacture and sell functional materials used in the aerospace and other industries, such as aircraft coatings and energy absorbers.

Our main commercial product is an aluminum honeycomb core, a lightweight component for aircraft and automobiles. Another of our main products is the crash test barrier, a shock-absorbing material for automobile crash tests developed based on the technology cultivated through developing the aluminum honeycomb core.

For those unfamiliar with this industry, it may be difficult to imagine our products, but we also handle aluminum beverage cans and other products that are commonly understood.

Q: How many offices does your company have around the world?

We have more than 15 distribution and sales offices on four continents. In particular, we have been focusing on the Asian civil aerospace market since the company’s establishment in 1988, starting with Taiwan, and have established bases in Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai. We also have offices in South Korea and Singapore.

Read full interview on ‘Nagoya’s Potential Revealed’ website. 

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