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Argosy Announces a New Honeycomb Facility in Huntsville, Alabama

July 27, 2021

After six years of continued growth in Huntsville, Alabama, Argosy announces the opening of a new facility; signals strong growth going forward.

Honeycomb Manufacturing Facility
Honeycomb Core Types

Argosy’s new Huntsville facility was designed to support our stated mission -- be a TOP TIER GLOBAL PROVIDER OF HONEYCOMB CORE.

Argosy’s new Huntsville facility is larger, purpose-built to our specifications and incorporates many concepts of LEAN manufacturing including:

Robust Manufacturing Flexibility and Eliminating Bottlenecks

Our Machine Operators are trained to operate multiple machines allowing robust manufacturing flexibility and eliminating bottlenecks.  In addition, we have acquired new, best in class, high speed processing equipment that will greatly reduce manufacturing time and support our growing customer base.  Argosy’s customers will enjoy the benefits of better lead times and even tighter tolerances with the use of our new state of the art machinery.

M-PDB Barrier
“The new facility, additional equipment and value-add capabilities will allow Argosy to continue to support the needs of our growing US customer base.”
Ryan Flugel
Ryan Flugel
“Our business focus has always been to provide engineered materials, products and services that solve challenging technical and business problems. This new facility will enhance our ability to deliver this mission.”
Paul Marks
Paul Marks

New Facility Location

254 Johns Road, NW
Huntsville, AL 35806

About Argosy

Established in the United States in 1988 as a trading company, Argosy began to focus on the commercial aerospace market in Asia when the Company became the material solutions provider (manufacturer and distributor) for composite materials and specialty chemicals to major aerospace manufacturers. Argosy serves a diverse group of markets but concentrates on the aerospace, automotive, EMI shielding, lightweighting applications and transportation markets. Argosy serves these markets with aramid, aluminum and stainless steel honeycomb cores and related products, aerospace coatings, and specialty chemical products including tooling resins, adhesives, potting compounds, specialty tapes, film adhesives, sealants, prepregs and high-performance fibers and fabrics.

Argosy International
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