Argosy Welcomes New Team Members Joe Baumann, Global CFO & Li Xiao, ASAM General Manager

By Argosy International / February 10, 2023

Argosy Welcomes New Team Members Joe Baumann, Global CFO and Li Xiao, Argosy Shanghai (ASAM) General Manager

February 13, 2023

Joe Baumann joins Argosy as its new Global CFO and Li Xiao joins Argosy (Shanghai) Aerospace Material Ltd., as its new General Manager. Joe comes to Argosy with extensive CFO and COO experience, a successful track record with various companies and industries, and strong international experience. Li Xiao increases and expands Argosy’s capacity to provide focal and local leadership for Argosy’s China-based businesses.

Paul Marks, Argosy’s CEO, stated, “Joe brings both the skill sets and the leadership attributes of exceptional management, both dynamic and collaborative; entrepreneurial focus, and complete integrity combined with his knowledge and experience in M&A, risk management, strategy and operations which will be critical as Argosy implements its growth strategy. LI comes to Argosy with extensive general management leadership experience, including General Manager positions at an International Investment and Consulting Firm, A US Electric Motor Company (part of a PE portfolio company), a US Building Materials Company, a US Chemical Company, and a US Thermal Management Imaging Company and will provide in-country management and leadership to ensure the success of our ambitious plans.”

Ryan Flugel, Argosy’s President, stated, “We’re confident both Joe and Li will make immediate contributions to our global organization and continue to build upon the strong foundation already in place. As we continue the aggressive expansion of our footprint and product portfolio, we need adept operators in these key positions to drive success.”

Joseph Baunmann
Li Xiao
Li Xiao

Nepcon Japan 2022

By Argosy International / November 3, 2022

Nepcon Japan 2022

Argosy was pleased to attend Nepcon Japan, R&D and Manufacturing 2022, Asia’s leading electronics tech show, in Nagoya, Japan, Oct 26-28. We enjoyed connecting with new and existing clients and look forward to Nepcon 2023. 

Argosy’s Japanese branch, ‘Argosy Japan Aerospace Materials’ (AJAM), was represented by General Manager Akihiro Oda (Hiro). His focus is the composite materials market in aerospace, transportation, and other light-weighting opportunities. Argosy is also focused on aluminum honeycomb EMI applications.

Our range of Honeycomb Core products was on display at Nepcon 2022: 

Thanks to the City of Nagoya's assistance, we successfully completed the three-day exhibition and met with many potential customers. It should be noted that a major manufacturer of fire trucks and some automotive OEMs have expressed interest in "3000 Series" and "5000 Series", and a major tire manufacturer has expressed interest in "Vented" for their production tools.

Nepcon Japan 2022 is part of Argosy’s commitment to the Japanese market and our Japanese customers. We are pleased with the reception and response we received for our materials, products and services.

Nepcon Japan 2022 - Argosy Stand
Argosy Stand at Nepcon 2022

Argosy International Inc. Appointed as Exclusive Distribution Partner for Aerovac Composites One in Japan

By Argosy International / September 22, 2022

Argosy International Inc. Appointed as Exclusive Distribution Partner for Aerovac Composites One in Japan

September 22, 2022

Argosy International Inc., a global supplier of specialty materials and services that solve challenging technical and business problems, has been appointed by Aerovac Composites One, a leading supplier of Vacuum Bagging and Process Materials, to exclusively distribute Aerovac’s line of vacuum bagging process materials in Japan.  This expanded partnership comes on top of an existing agreement between the two businesses announced in April 2022 wherein Argosy will serve as Aerovac’s exclusive distribution partner in certain Asian markets including China, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Argosy recently established Argosy Japan Aerospace Materials Co., Ltd. (“Argosy Japan”) to support the growth and expand market opportunities in Japan where Argosy supplies aluminum and aramid honeycomb cores, crash test barriers, and now composite process materials for aerospace, automotive, transportation, and other light-weighting opportunities.  “Japan is a very important market and we are proud to establish a greater dedicated presence to solidify our commitment to this market” said Ryan Flugel, President, Argosy International.  Argosy Japan’s General Manager, Akihiro “Hiro” Oda will lead the efforts for the Aerovac’s Process Materials partnership in Japan.

About Aerovac Composites One

Operating from six locations globally, with the headquarters located in Schaumburg, Illinois, Aerovac is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality vacuum bagging and process materials. Focused mainly on the Aerospace, Wind Energy, Marine, Laminated Glass, and other composite markets, Aerovac also offers value-added services like kitting solutions and tooling expertise. 

Visit for more information.
Aerovac Composites One

Argosy Japan Aerospace Materials Co., Ltd. Established in Nagoya, Japan

By Argosy International / August 11, 2022

Argosy Japan Aerospace Materials Co., Ltd. Established in Nagoya, Japan

Argosy Japan Aerospace Materials Co., Ltd., “Argosy Japan” was officially established this summer in Nagoya, Japan with two key business leaders, General Manager Akihiro “Hiro” Oda and Crash Test Barrier Sales Manager Osamu Kobayashi.
Paul Marks, Chairman, of the parent company Argosy International Inc., stated “The establishment of Argosy Japan will allow us to stock crash test barriers, composites, and composites process materials as well as invoice in local currency greatly expanding market opportunities as well as providing convenience for our Japanese customers.” Vinnie Favia, Global CFO of Argosy emphasized Nagoya is the perfect location for Argosy “due to its industrial focus on aerospace and automotive and the excellent support received by the Nagoya, Aichi local prefectures, the Greater Nagoya Initiative Center and the Japanese External Trade Organization.” Argosy Japan’s scope will be sales of aluminum and aramid cores, crash test barriers, composites and composite process materials for aerospace, automotive, transportation and other light weighting applications. Oda will focus on the composite materials market in aerospace, transportation, and other light-weighting opportunities and Kobayashi will be 100% dedicated to the crash test barrier market in Japan.

Argosy Euro NCAP Approved Supplier of AE-MDB Barrier

By Argosy International / July 1, 2022

ARGOSY is Now a Euro NCAP Approved Supplier of the AE-MDB Barrier

New York, USA, June 30, 2022

Argosy is pleased to announce it is now an approved Euro NCAP supplier of the Advanced European Mobile Progressive Deformable Barrier (AE-MDB) for side-impact tests. Euro NCAP will add ARGOSY as an approved supplier for AE-MDB barrier face in the relevant document TB29 by the end of Summer 2022.

The Argosy AE-MDB barrier can be utilized for type approval, development, pre-NCAP tests and official Euro NCAP tests.

The ARGOSY AE-MDB Barrier face is currently available. Please contact ARGOSY for lead-time and price information. Individual Certificate of Conformity is provided with all barriers.

Argosy Euro NCAP Approved AE-MDB - White BG

JEC World 2022

By Argosy International / May 22, 2022

JEC World 2022

Argosy was pleased to attend the JEC World 2022, International Composites Show, in Paris-Nord Villepinte on May 3-5. We enjoyed connecting with new & existing clients and look forward to JEC world 2023.

JEC World is considered as one of the leading events for global composites industry and seeks to develop the Composites Industry worldwide through Knowledge, Networking & Innovation.

JEC 2022

Aerovac Composites One Announces Argosy International as Distribution Partner to Asia

By Argosy International / April 7, 2022

Aerovac Composites One Announces Argosy International as Distribution Partner to Asia

April 08, 2022

Aerovac Composites One has appointed Argosy International as exclusive distributor of Aerovac product in certain Asian markets including China, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Aerovac Composites One is a leading supplier of vacuum bagging and process materials. Argosy International is a global supplier of specialty materials and services that solve challenging technical and business problems.

The Aerovac line of vacuum bagging materials (process materials) includes an extensive variety of bagging films, release films, breather and release fabrics, peel plies, sealant tapes, hoses, valves, and fittings. In addition to these materials, Aerovac supplies 2D and 3D kits and hard and soft tooling.

Learn more about our new range of Aerovac Composites One process materials at our process materials product page.

Aerovac Composites One
Argosy International
Process Material Industries

Argosy Announces a New Honeycomb Facility in Huntsville, Alabama

By Argosy International / August 2, 2021

Argosy Announces a New Honeycomb Facility in Huntsville, Alabama

July 27, 2021

After six years of continued growth in Huntsville, Alabama, Argosy announces the opening of a new facility; signals strong growth going forward.

Honeycomb Manufacturing Facility
Honeycomb Core Types

Argosy’s new Huntsville facility was designed to support our stated mission -- be a TOP TIER GLOBAL PROVIDER OF HONEYCOMB CORE.

Argosy’s new Huntsville facility is larger, purpose-built to our specifications and incorporates many concepts of LEAN manufacturing including:

Robust Manufacturing Flexibility and Eliminating Bottlenecks

Our Machine Operators are trained to operate multiple machines allowing robust manufacturing flexibility and eliminating bottlenecks.  In addition, we have acquired new, best in class, high speed processing equipment that will greatly reduce manufacturing time and support our growing customer base.  Argosy’s customers will enjoy the benefits of better lead times and even tighter tolerances with the use of our new state of the art machinery.

M-PDB Barrier
“The new facility, additional equipment and value-add capabilities will allow Argosy to continue to support the needs of our growing US customer base.”
Ryan Flugel
Ryan Flugel
“Our business focus has always been to provide engineered materials, products and services that solve challenging technical and business problems. This new facility will enhance our ability to deliver this mission.”
Paul Marks
Paul Marks

New Facility Location

254 Johns Road, NW
Huntsville, AL 35806

About Argosy

Established in the United States in 1988 as a trading company, Argosy began to focus on the commercial aerospace market in Asia when the Company became the material solutions provider (manufacturer and distributor) for composite materials and specialty chemicals to major aerospace manufacturers. Argosy serves a diverse group of markets but concentrates on the aerospace, automotive, EMI shielding, lightweighting applications and transportation markets. Argosy serves these markets with aramid, aluminum and stainless steel honeycomb cores and related products, aerospace coatings, and specialty chemical products including tooling resins, adhesives, potting compounds, specialty tapes, film adhesives, sealants, prepregs and high-performance fibers and fabrics.

Argosy International

IIHS Side-Impact Barrier V2.0 Now Confirmed

By Argosy International / October 7, 2020

Argosy has worked in collaboration with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) to redevelop the Side Impact Barrier in order to better replicate characteristics of higher severity vehicle-to-vehicle crash tests. The IIHS Side Impact barrier’s redefined shape is based on the current SUV and Pickups, which will be reflected in the IIHS side impact test protocol by 2023.

The IIHS Side Impact barrier updates include:

  • Lower overall height of the deformable element
  • Lower mounting of barrier (decrease ground clearance)
  • Larger barrier thickness to reduce bottoming of the deformable element
  • Wider flat front face to match vehicle structures
  • Reduced height of bumper beam element to match current vehicles
  • Changes to honeycomb stiffness to reflect vehicle characteristics

Argosy’s IIHS side Impact Barrier V2.0 is now available to OEM’s and Labs.

Argosy IIHS Side Impact Barrier V2.0

Argosy Announces Korean Distribution Agreement with JAT

By Argosy International / July 25, 2020


Argosy’s close partnership with JAT offers expertise, experience and knowledge from both companies providing significant benefit to the industry. Benefits include a stronger platform for the products and services based on extensive knowledge of aluminum honeycomb as well as energy absorbers (Crash Test Barriers). This partnership will allow utilization of the best resources from each company to create valuable synergies for our customers in KOREA and in connection with innovative products, services and simulations.

Argosy and JAT will provide a real alternative to current suppliers in KOREA for Crash Test Barrier products. The partnership will focus on providing reliable, local and responsive service along with excellent product.

ARGOSY INTERNATIONAL ( is a global market leader in the manufacture of high quality aluminum honeycomb cores used in industries such as aerospace, rail transportation, electronics, construction, energy absorption and shipbuilding.

With more than 20 years of experience in the design, production and support of aluminum honeycomb cores and associated applications, Argosy is now placing focus on the automotive market through development and manufacture of Crash Test Barriers.  Argosy is also currently providing engineered energy absorbers for ATD’s, Flex-Pli certifications and sled tests.

Argosy is a global company whose strategy is to harness the best of today’s technologies for the creation of high quality products, which play an important role in improving passive safety and protection of people and their environment.

JAT CO., LTD ( is a company involved in providing a passive safety testing solutions and dummy calibration service for  passive safety  industry since 2013.

JAT is an experienced Company, offer excellent service and high technical background focus on quality to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Thank you, 

Kind Regards

Thierry Bouchet |Global Sales Director|Honeycomb Products

Argosy International Inc -225 W. 34 St Suite 1106 – New York, Ne


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